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The Island of Gozo

Gozo is the second largest island of the Maltese archipelago that consist of three islands known as Gozo, Comino and the mainland Malta. It is about one third size of Malta, and it’s Population is of about 30,000.

The Warm and crystal clear blue water around the island of Gozo offer perfect diving conditions. Divers from all over the world enjoy exploring the tunnels, caves, grottos, reefs and spectacular scenes abundant of marine life as well as the wreck sites Every little town and village has a parish church and not a day goes by without the sound of church bells ringing out across the rolling hills and terraced fields. Religious culture in Gozo remains strong. Devotional fervour erupts in great feasts which take place in the summer months. Every weekend from the last Sunday in May up to mid- September, each town and village organizes a festa in honour of the patron saint to whom the parish is dedicated. In these festas, the spiritual and the secular intermingle, religion and folklore abound. A festa worthy of the name is made up of illuminations, brass bands, fireworks and a procession.

The facades of the village church as well as the principal streets are decorated with thousands of twinkling lights. Festas are colourful celebrations with participants vying for the most splendid show, the best fireworks, and the most spectacular sense of festivity which are worth viewing.

Gozo is tranquil and peaceful it revolves around farming and fishing. The people are friendly, with a fairly laid-back attitude to life that readily appeals to most visitors.

The island comes complete with historical sites, forts and amazing panoramas. Among these, one finds the famous prehistoric temples of Ggantija (3600 / 3000 BC) situated in Xaghra. These are documented as the oldest free standing structure in the world. The island is well served by restaurants, where the eating is good and varied. The visitor is spoilt for choice. One can find restaurants in Rabat, Mgarr and in the fishing villages of Marsalforn and Xlendi, and many other places.